A Roller Coaster Ride: Fantastic Beasts the Crimes of Grindelwald review

As Fantastic beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald explores human behavior and the human condition, the divide between the pure-bloods and the other wizards and witches remind us of the tensed political atmosphere that has settled primarily in the United States. The movie brings us back to the eons when magic was a culture.  To top it up,  fans are treated to a cameo by their favorite alchemist, Nicholas Flamel and the actual Philosopher’s Stone. As things start to unravel, we learn more and more about characters who make up the original Harry Potter series.

We are introduced to a young Dumbledore and renowned Magicz-oologist, Newton Scamander, played by the ever-so endearing Eddie Redmayne. Grindelwald, our antagonist, played by the most esteemed Johnny Depp who cleverly outsmarts the Ministry of Magic and continues his quest of gathering loyal followers. His slick tongue and charisma convinces witches and wizards that Muggles are to be wiped out due to our lust and greed for power, resembling the rhetoric on nationalism by politicians in today’s political climate.

Violent imagery of World War 2 are projected to reflect that Muggles love to repeat History especially with the year, when the movie is set in, being less than a decade just after the devastating World War 1.

A balanced amount of romance complemented the desperate and touching attempts to search for one’s family that we witness in The Crimes of Grindelwald. ‘Nothing is truly black and white’ seems to be the life lesson that screams at me as every character is layered with complexities.
Interestingly, Eddie Redmayne has suggested Newt to be on the Asperger’s Spectrum. It is hard for anyone to not fall in love with the intelligent magic-zoologist. Redmayne has perfected his role and carved this unforgettable character whose mild awkwardness is what makes him likable.

Eddie’s portrayal of Newt makes me proud to be a Hufflepuff. The only thing I was
undeniably disappointed by was the lack of lines for Nagini (Claudia Kim). Her presence and significance mismatched the meager lines she had. Unfortunately, it is unlikely for Nagini to return to the screen despite her supporting role in Credence’s life. Despite complaints from critics regarding the over-complicated plot, I would like to cite that characteristic as Rowling’s unique trait. Whilst some felt that there was an overdose of plot twists, the movie is guaranteed to bring you on an unexpected roller-coaster ride that one will thoroughly enjoy.
If you have missed the first Fantastic Beast movie, (firstly, hang your head in shame as I am
doing now) fear not as there are four more installments to look forward to.

Whether or not you have read the Harry Potter series, do yourself a favor and don’t miss out on the fun anymore!

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