Gifting value to your life: Never render it futile

Life is but an empty dream – William Wadsworth 

This is a veracious quote which is pertinent in today’s era.  It subtly introduces a new perspective to life that will be discussed here. People overlook the main ideals of life by just following what others say in faith of achieving success. In contrary every phase of life has hurdles which resists us to enjoy every moment.

Today materialistic wealth is considered as an enormous boon. It is inclined towards wealth. Undoubtedly one can attain all the heights with rich possessions, but does it fulfill ones eternal desires? Well I staunchly believe wealth in life is only a parcel of happiness sorrow; Life can show a billionaire the hues of slums or could sketch a path to a mansion for a slum dweller. Our eternal desires can only be satisfied with right knowledge, aims, beliefs, determination and dedication. The internal tranquility and the consciousness eventually gets fulfilled these desires. The power of one’s subconscious mind could turn  one from rags to the riches.

Life is exquisite, it is fragile, even slightest shiver can render it futile. Life should be viewed from a different aspect of brotherhood, harmony and sympathy to inculcate it’s true value and develop a broader horizon. In greed and selfishness we are violating it’s norms leaving behind more obstacles to fulfill our objectives. 

Have you ever played the game of breaths? Or should I say, have you ever meditated? Meditation is nothing, but gaining your consciousness. It acts as a curtain between positive vibes and the stubborn negativity! The simplest form of meditation is to focus on the pattern fabricated by your breaths, deeply being aware of your surroundings, its sounds and the energy emitted by every single object around you. Believe me, this is the first step towards giving justice to your existence. 


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