Influence Of Grandparents In Family: The Need For A Joint Family, From My Experience

The bond between grandparents and grandchildren cannot be described in words. It is immortal. Grandparents do not only inculcate good habits and moral values in the kids but also become their best buddies when it comes to having unlimited fun. While the parents try to provide all that they can to their kids for their all round development, their growth is incomplete without their grandparents.Grandparents share a very special bond with their grandchildren. They mingle with them and are in their happiest state in each other’s company. In certain families, this bond is stronger than that of the parent and child. The love and affection showered by the grand parents on their grandchildren is simply unmatched. As a person ages, he acquires the traits similar to a child. How accepting it gets when we realize that grandparents are nothing but ‘elder children’ of the family!

Nuclear Families, a growing concern?

Unfortunately,the growing trend of the nuclear families has limited the contact between the grandchildren and grandparents and both tend to miss out on a lot owing to this. Parents must take out time and take their children to their grandparents’place every once in a while to maintain the bonding or to invite them over to stay. If meeting doesn’t seem possible as often then it is suggested to help them stay in touch with each other via phone or other means. Sometimes, extreme cases prevent frequent contact between the two alternating generations, when the former is lodged in an old age home! Parents, who try to make their lives convenient fail to clearly realize the value of family bonding.

In a joint family system when a child stays with grandparents, uncles, aunts and cousins, he learns how to bond with different kinds of people. Such kids seldom have difficulty bonding with people when they step out as compared to those who just see their parents or domestic help for most part of the day. It makes a  child more social and accepting. Family culture with is treasured by the grandparents is imparted in to their grandchildren. Attributes such as respect, adjustability and flexibility are important and could only be attained in a joint family. Undeniably grandparents pass the baton of family culture and traditions to their subsequent generation.

Family Culture

Little do we ever experience the authentic family culture in nuclear family?Birthdays, anniversaries and festivals are just bland to the core and it is the formality that just prevails. However this is not the case when one is living with her grandparents. Celebrations become tenfold grander, a meaning is attached to every family event. We can see a ray of hope that this culture will be preserved and would be carried down the generations.

The Future

The future about the existence of familial bonding seems murky. Westernization is the key culprit in blurring out the value of family traditions. Western ideologies are similar to a bird’s nest. After a certain age of maturity, the child is left on her own to face the world. This is the juncture in life, when the true bond loosens. Evidently, bonding with grandparents is also compromised.

However I can still imagine the familial bonding in near future because of preexisting inter-dependency in our country. Today, how I wish the dynamics of deep rooted jolly families are reignited for good!


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