The Curves Of Life

Did you ever try comparing the gleaming eyes of joy, of the one sleeping by the road side with the one having an eight-digit annual income?  If not, then just attempt trying it out whenever you are despondent in life, notice those souls for a couple of moments, trust me, you will be encountering one of the deepest secrets about the laws of destiny and its effect on different people. ⁣

What do these people have in their life, a couple of pebbles to make their pillow tonight? or a bed made out of plastic bags? Yet, they carry the most treasured smiles in this entire ensemble of humans. They teach us a salient fact about destiny, that is, no matter how treacherous the journey of life is, the one who is stable in all conditions, is the one who attains the wisdom that universe wants you to possess. 

If you want to be gleeful throughout your life journey, learn to control the self whenever sad times knock at your door. We have been gravely dependent on our bodies—which hold a temporary position in our life. One strange fact that lies within us is: “When we can’t love what we inherently possess, i.e., our heart, our soul, then how can we attach our lives to something else, that in real essence, was never actually ours and is bound to fade with time.”⁣

⁣The one who attains the art of a stable mind is neither too excited when life is a cakewalk, nor too depressed when everything is crippling down, instead, he’s free from the external desolation that has its source from the temporary surroundings. There is a beautiful line which pens down this fact very beautifully: “Detachment is not that, you own nothing. Detachment is that, nothing owns you”.


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