Cherished Dream

A knock on the door reflects into a smile on my face.
I know he is at the door with flower in his hands and love in his eyes.
My heart beats with each step I take towards the door . 
My jaw drops by mere sight of him holding the ring in his hand, kneeling down in front of me. 
My eyes are full of tears, I planted this dream in my head everyday and it has come true.
His eyes are full of hope as he politely asks me : ‘will you marry me , Gayo?’
And I just stand there, blushing at his stupid question, he gives me a knowing smile and I utter a Yes to his proposal. 
He stands on his feet and pulls me close to him. 
I freeze because I know what’s going to happen next. 
He kiss me hard, lifts me in his arms and takes me to our bedroom.
That night we touched each others’ souls. 
Our first make out.


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