Occupado: A tale of two souls

She tells him she loves him and every little thing he does.But in her mind there’s a mirror, That reflects her haunting past.

When he crinkles his nose Into an adoring smile, She can’t help but notice, The resemblance he holds to her old lover.

When he wraps her into his loving embrace, She takes a deep breath hoping to hold on to his cologne in her lungs forever, But how was she to do that, when that space was taken by a rather more familiar scent.

She tells herself she has let go of him ever since he left, but her body hasn’t known love ever since.Every other face seems alien, every other smile, foreign.

He says he’s not like the others, and she wants nothing more than to believe, that he won’t let go or leave her, like the one before.

He wants her to let him in, he wants to show her the love she deserves, but how can one rebuild a broken heart that still holds on to it’s broken past?


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