It was yet another sleepless night. With thoughts full of him, I tried sleeping but my brain didn’t allow me to. My pillow, tired by now, was again covered with the salty solution that my eyes were carelessly shedding. I wonder how things can change in one night. I could hear the clock ticking continuously and the rain drops falling. I got up, walked up to the window and looked at the empty road. It was 3 in the morning and not a person was to be seen. And then, I saw the sky. Dark heavy clouds, stormy weather and the lightning. It was just like one terrible night. I felt weak. I felt my eyes and my chest burning, my heart rate increasing all of a sudden. I walked towards my bed again and lay, trying to sleep. But the memories couldn’t stop rushing to my mind.

A month has passed by since that devastating incident. I again had a sleepless night. Panicking and helpless.

A month has passed by but nothing has changed.

A month has passed by since my grandpa left me forever…


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