What Is The Importance Of Fuel In Our Daily Lives?

Importance of Fossil Fuel in our daily life is immense. Its one of the important factor on which world economy is situated.

The entire world leans towards “Fuel”, just a four-letter word. It is today what the entire globe craves for.

Today no one can imagine life without fuel.

Just think about it… How we will run million of cars and machines without FUEL.

Electric power? … Well majority of it still produced by using fossil fuel. More specifically petroleum, diesel, kerosene, etc.

The importance of fuel in our daily life is increasing day by day. Fuel conversation is the need for tomorrow.

How fossil fuels form and why it’s scarce

Our planet is bounded by natural resources.

The crust of our planet is enriched with a mixture of fuels, crude oil, natural gases and various other needful elements.

All the realms of the planet are laden with these resources bur fuel is the only resource that is edged to the lithosphere.

Earth provides us with solid-liquid as well as gaseous fuels. Solid fuel is mainly available in the form of coal which is used in lumps. Crude oil upon distillation gives birth to an array of benevolent fuels like petrol diesel, kerosene.

Crude oil accounts for the highest share in the production of energy. Natural gases which are combustible hydrocarbons are also extensively used.

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Along with the time, even the human population is advancing further. After the industrial revolution, the demand for fuel kept on increasing, simultaneous to the steep increase in the human population.

Present Situation and ‘Why The Importance Of Fuel’ has increased?

Today the human population has crossed the 7th billionth mark.

All the roads are teeming with automobiles and the hinterlands are dotted with factories. All the mobility and the manufacturing process are carried out with the use of fuel.

Thus in greed of progression, the man is overlooking the judicious use fuel.

Nobody can deny the fact that the entire global economy leans upon the trade of fuel.

Countries like UAE are not taxing its citizens due to surplus oil riches. Crude oil has become an icon of prosperity for the entire Middle East.

The monopoly of oil is a source of livelihood for tons of people. Despite, it is currently one of the most prominent contributors to air and water pollution. Unlike the past, today fuel is not available in surplus quantities. Along with the depleting environment, the level of crude oil is also lowering down drastically.

The appalling truth often heard is that within a few decades, the reserves of crude oil will get exhausted. It takes millions of years for crude oil to replenish. Science has always rescued us in terrible circumstances.

Today we are fortunate to have a parallel group of resources which do not make crude oil the solitary source of energy.

Due to futuristic growth, the man has started utilizing inexhaustible suns light. Solar powered products are being used.

In India, a broad promotion spree about solar power is being carried out.

Government is collaborating with private firms to set up solar farms in order to minimize the usage of crude oil.

Some people may complain about high investments in them; despite it has zero maintenance costs.

Second, on the list comes hydel power. Hydel power assures sustainable use of water on Earth through various hydroelectric projects. Several multinational riverine projects are proposed.

Last but not the least, science has also paved the way for energy generation from wind. It is capable of poring the future with windmills. China has produced over 145000 MW of power using its windmills.

In this swift-paced mechanized world, humans are regarded as the most intelligent creatures.

Thus it is our responsibility to implement these alternative sources of energy. As far as automobile fuel is concerned, besides petroleum and diesel, compressed natural gas is a reliable option. There are fuel efficient cars but, they have a low demand.

It will not only help to combat air pollution but also help in shrinking the uptake of petroleum.

Secondly, hybrid cars which work on both batteries and natural gasses is another convincing option.

In this era of inflation and price fluctuations, it is quite eloquent that petrol and diesel are also not safe for our pockets.

The abrupt rise in taxation and prices evidently indicate that we will fall short of resources.

Well on a personal level we can implement carpooling and promote the use of mass commutation. Cycles can be availed for traveling short distances. We can try to inculcate the use of fuel efficient cars too.

On a much greater level, the man has devised solar powered supersonic jets and sustainable railways. This motive will surely help to combat fuel depletion. Today the world is in dire need of more such innovations.

It is pointless to list down such measures unless we gain the need to prioritize these. Neglecting to these measures will only lead to a hazardous and treacherous future.


Undoubtedly if we give importance to natural fuel and practice these measures to enable sustainable development, then it will surely overwhelm the natural cycle and will result into a successful future.

Truly fuel is the elixir of life and very much important to run the wheels of our modern nation.

Thus Fuel is a resource and to make suitable exploitation of this valuable resource, resource perception is essential. Undeniably fuel conversation is a need. Last but not the least, importance of fuel must be well regarded.

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