Is Loving Yourself Easy?

Seems so effortless. How easy it is to say but how difficult it is to prove that point when you are stuck proving yourself as someone you are not. It is completely fine to be envious of what others have but not so fine being someone else. But people saying how easy is it love your own self is not what a person on the other side can feel because people are stuck at either losing someone or gaining nothing from an interpersonal relationship. Everyone loves fame, some in the form of being the president of the school or in the form on being the best out of a batch. Fame acts like magic, since magic is unrealistic fame is a mirror reflection of it. Fame brings a lot of happiness, but keeps your inner feeling at the stake and mercy of others. “What if these people stop talking to me if i say NO? What would people think about me then?” sometimes it is rather peaceful and happy to see your peers and family, the people you care be happy because of you, but the inner dilemma starts to haunt your inner feelings, your actions and your abilities. What must you choose- fame or being yourself? Being the alpha male, having girls falling for you as you walk down the hallway, being the ace of every class you are in and your existence itself being a boon to the people whom you interact with. Will it be easy, after completely absorbing yourself to someone who you are not and then realizing that you have come a far way from what you imagined yourself.Pursuing fame can be equally tempting as well, knowing that you know how to use a lighter to light the cigarette although being a minor is cool for people who surround you , so will you do. Your conscious mind takes control over the temptation and soon must you realise that it is not what you imagined yourself to be. Having emotional burst outs away from everyone becomes the only source of relief. And there once in a blue moon people say that you must love yourself, making yourself the king or queen of all with you and disregard what is other’s opinions. Must you confer your inner feeling knowing that it will have ripple effects… what I can say is it has been fine for me so far for being plump, k-pop fan, having so much sass, being spent thrift ,being a boy (boys can be cute… duh) and loving baby pink colour. At the end I would like to say – you are responsible enough for your own self but whoever you are, whatever you do there are people who are going to love you and some will not, laws of equilibrium apply everywhere…


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