Incidental Life: Letter to a father from the future

Nariman House,                                                                                                       Bombay,400021                                                                                           10thJanuary, 2028                   
Dear Dad,

Snowflakes were pouring on the small hill station of Manali. Railway tracks were draped in snow, occasionally we could see the construction workers scraping the additional snow for new developmental projects. Winter had just approached with glee and happiness, yet there was still tint of agony during that family trip.

To our concerns, amid the holiday, there was a phone-call. It was the 23rd of November, about a couple decades earlier from now. It was from Mr.Kamal Hussain, the commanding platoon manager from my dad’s regiment. To our surprise, my dad was called for an important briefing in Mumbai the very next day. It was unfortunate, but we had to bid him adieu. Gusty wind surrounded my mother, my sister and me. Blizzards accompanied my dad till the railway station.

We returned to Kolkata after 2 nights,while to my dad’s fortune, he was still being conferred with badges of honor in Downtown Bombay. 3 days later, my mom patted my back and agonizingly said,“Beta, your Dad’s workplace has relocated”, period. The 6 year old maturity vested in me, filled with maturity and shyness had no words but an obligatory agreement. I never knew then, why there were those tears in her eyes, but the naivety in me prevented me from questioning it.

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Some years passed in the gloom of innocence and suspicion. Occasionally, mom wept her tears hiding the burden of the truth and sufferings. You always wanted me to evolve as a bold gentleman leaking with self-respect and grace. Today I stand before your picture, wearing a suit and a tie attending my first job interview after graduation. Your blessings have showered the confidence to me. Maturity has captured me. Not to mention, today I can cook your favorite Muri Ghonto using mumma’s special recipe. Mom is doing fine, quiet content with my performance. My sister has settled with her husband in Madras.

Today I am remorseful as I pay tribute to your memorial at the Nariman House, just before my job interview at the Navy. 26th November, 2008 was indeed a dreadful day in our lives, yet the child in me witnessed this with utmost confidence. May your martyred soul rest in peace.

Your loving son,

Shoojith Ghosh

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