Letters To The Santa: Part 1

My Bedroom,                                                                                                                    22-12-2018 Dear Santa,

Holidays are just around the corner and I’m so, so happy. I guess I’ve never been this excited about holidays in my entire life. I’ve been caught up in work a lot lately, so these holidays mean a break from my hectic schedule. I hope you’re doing fine too. Santa, I’m tired of this life. I get no privacy, cameras flashing over me, no matter where I am. I need space, I need ‘Me Time’ to enjoy who I really am. How I wish I could get switched with normal person and live like that for a day! Well that’s not possible, so let’s leave it there itself. I’ve been in the city for quite a long time now, I wish to visit the beach, so you could gift me the tickets to a beach, maybe? No, wait, tickets to the amusement park! Or to the opera? No, no, to the mountains. I love trekking and the snow. How about a house in the countryside? Oh! That’s way too much for a gift. Wishes are limitless, aren’t they? I can ask for anything in this world, and maybe you’ll give that to me because I am your child and you want to see me happy. But this time I want something different, something of your own choice because it’s you and your wisdom which knows what would be the best for me. Ah! I gotta go, I have an interview in 10 minutes. See you later, Santa. I’ll be waiting for your gift. Goodbye.

Your Child!

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