Letter To The Santa: Part 2

My Bedroom,                                                                                                                    22-12-2018 Dear Santa,

Hey, how’s it going? Look, you’re busy, I’m busy, we all are busy– I’m gonna cut to the chase here. You’ve given me so much over the years. Really, more than I ever could’ve dreamed of. You’re just amazing. Okay? Don’t you ever forget it. So I’m not asking for anything for myself, not really. You need not bring me one single present. All I’m asking for is a one damn favor. One tiny little favor. Which will make the world a much better place. Please please please could you just make some of the very famous celebs like JLo, Kim, Beyoncé, etc. etc. disappear? I’m not saying something bad has to happen to them. Of course, not! It’s just that I don’t wanna see them anymore, or hear their voice or see them gaining  popularity on such a great level. Oops! Ha ha. Jealousy strikes. I envy on them, their well. In fact it is not only me, but also many other aspiring models like me! Don’t you know that? We want opportunities, we too want our portraits draped in Prada and Gucci displayed at Christmas shopping carnivals. Ah! It is wrong on my part to ask this, but it’s okay, they are not doing so great with people here anyways. The world might be better off without them. So,you can do it, right? You’re such a doll, Claus. Let’s get coffee once all the holiday madness is over!

An Aspiring Model

Letter To The Santa Clause: Part 1

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