An Excerpt From The Diary Of Santa: Christmas Special

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My Dear Christmas Diary, 

Ho Ho Ho! Merry Christmas! After an year long wait, the day is finally here.
I’m sorry for being late, but you see there’s too cold outside. The winter solstice has just hit the globe, and is turning our lives upside down. From the long lazy days to long lazy nights. From a cup of ice cream to a bowl of candies. From normal days to Christmas Eve. You see, the journey is indeed beautiful. I have been busy lately, wrapping the gifts and helping the elves. The hemisphere has been wrapped in a blanket of snow, and the sky is full of sparkling snowflakes. The sound of jingle bells dominate, while the houses dazzle with Christmas lights. The festivities are all around making people dance with joy and spread love. 

It feels good to spread smiles around. I have been distributing gifts all around the globe since the Christmas Eve. You gotta see all the elves working hard to make gifts. Do you know, my sleigh got stuck in the snow last night! I was worried, not about me but about the kids. The ones who wait all through the year for their favourite Santa. I must say, my Reindeers never fail to help me out. They pulled it out, and led me to those lovely little houses. We ventured through the night sky, flying over the twinkles. I remember my sack getting stuck into one of the chimneys. Ho Ho Ho! What a dirty chimney it was! Yet, it was nothing compared to the shimmering smile on the little girl’s face. These smiles keep me going on the chilly nights. 
“Santa, you are amazing”, “I love this gift Santa”, “Have this candy Santa! You might be tired”,”Meet us next year too! We love you.” – Is all what I get to hear on the Christmas Eve.
Small, innocent kids wave at me while I leave. They’ve got my heart. Ho Ho Ho! And the sight of their glittering eyes laden with innocence while they hold the gift, is way beyond the materialistic pleasures in world. 

Not just the children, even I wait for this day throughout the year. I get wishes from all over the globe, carved beautifully on coloured papers. And that’s the kind of celebration I have. It feels peace at the end, sitting by the bonfire and thinking about little smiles, the Christmas trees bejeweled with lights and stars, the snowmen with carroted noses, red-white candies, mulberry pies, gingerbread cookies, and much more. Everything seems to be fascinating on Christmas. 
Ho Ho Ho! Look outside diary! It’s snowing, as if Jesus is spreading glitters in our lives. Snow covered houses, trees and streets, yet warm homes. It’s not just a festival, it’s life!

Merry Christmas Diary! 
Yours lovingly, Santa Claus.

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