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Best YouTube Channels: Budding YouTubers

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All of us take pleasure in watching YouTube videos, don’t we? We have subscribed to all the big names with millions of subscribers across all the niche in this industry. Undoubtedly they are the best YouTube channels on the web. Their content is never compromised, they have the best equipment and the most consistent promotional strategies. However, with this promising fame given to these YouTubers, we often do ignore the budding YouTubers who are convincing enough if viewed. I have subscribed to numerous educational, travel and lifestyle YouTube Channels which is an immense treat for my eyes to watch. Here I enlist some of the most impactful YouTube Channels for me:

Shubham Kumar: Content displayed by Shubham on his YouTube channel is undoubtedly fresh and consistent. Being one of the few quality Railway YouTubers in India, it is pleasant to watch videos made by Shubham. Nothing flashy or glamorous here, I can vouch for the fact that Shubham has created a unique among his audience owing to his simplicity and true portrayal of his life. Not to mention, frequent live sessions and personal engagement with the masses make this one of the best YouTube channels on the web.

Nomadic Indian: Who does not like travel? Imagine a young traveler confidently giving up his professional life and dedicating his entire life towards travelling across the entire world. Until now he has visited exotic countries like Thailand, Cambodia, Iran, Russia, Azerbaijan, Armenia etc. ‘Deepanshu Sanghwan’ is the man behind the camera and the mastermind for editing. Covering every aspect of his journeys, he has built the bridge between international travel and a common middle class Indian.

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YES 2 HEALTHY LIFE: YES 2 HEALTHY LIFE uniquely displays the life of an Indian student in Russia. From basic things like grocery shopping to visiting parks and canals, this channel exclusively fulfills the criteria for being one of the best lifestyle YouTube channel on the web. Besides lifestyle, it also features about the scope of obtaining higher education in Russia. Thus making it multi-niche.

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