Gifts From 2018: Best Memories From This Year

The one who feels them has got the power to admire these miraculous colours.” – I was stunned to see my childhood coming back to life when I aimlessly wandered into a Mela (funfair). Large stalls boasting about their vibrant wares and the addictive claustrophobic hustle and bustle sets this place apart from any usual social function. I could see my grandmother in every women there. I remember those days when she gently held my hands and gave me a tour of the entire fair. I realized, how dazzling lights attracted me and they still continue to do so. Crowded families clustered around the people selling their wares, amid the soothing commotion! It seemed like my own sweet cave, yet I was left in a slim conundrum. Nothing seems to have changed, but everything. (Check out original post)

While enjoying my favourite pista kulfi, I saw a few kids on the roadside. Tattered clothes, muddy skin, and smiling faces. I wondered, what kept them happy regardless of their condition. I walked up to them, and invited them for a kulfi treat. Their smiles widened, while they savoured the kulfi. I still remember that small girl, licking the kulfi gradually and dropping some on her clothes. 
“You dropped it on your clothes! What will you do now?”, I asked her.
“I shall keep the clothes with me as a memory. The kulfi stains are beautiful than the dress. Thank you for this treat.”, she said innocently. 
Her baby eyes gleamed with joy, while others enjoyed the kulfi. That utday I felt happier than usual. Their smile was bright like the sun. It was indeed a  beautiful memory, as it taught me so much. It taught me the essence of introspection, while I thought about the little girl’s concept of preserving memories. I learnt how less does it take to smile and enjoy small moments of life. Their clothes were tattered, but their hearts were glued with joy. Their skin was stained with mud, but their smiles portrayed the prettiest hues. I realized there’s no greater joy than giving happiness to others. 

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The best memory of 2018 would have to be when I applied for my schools model United nations secretariat in the capacity of the charge d’affairs because I thought I was the most deserving person for that position due to all my accolades, or so I was told. When the results came out, someone with half the accolades as me got the position and I was infuriated to the core. Later my English teacher, Mrs.Ray told me not to frown upon it because “better things were in store” for me. I obviously shrugged it off as a typical consolation. Later I was informed that I was chosen as president of the human rights committee which happens to be a much better position. This was one of the many moments that made 2018 special. 

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