Sometimes it’s all about that one person in your life. You constantly think about them, believe them, trust them, love them and do everything to keep that person happy. But in the end, the small world that you created around that person gets shattered. You realise that the person has already lost the love for you, that he/she doesn’t care about you anymore and your entire world comes to a standstill. Your little heart doesn’t know how to deal with it. Your life seems colourless, there is no spark, no emotions —nothing left. You feel empty, betrayed, lonely and broken. You stop being the person that you once were, you quit trusting anyone, you hide yourself from the people. Everyday you reaffirm that things will become normal once again but it requires patience from your end. Yet everyday you wake up with the same pain, anger and frustration.  You meet people but deep down you know when you go back home you will be drenched in misery again. Every single day is a mere struggle. You have forgotten how to live life. You end up hoping that the person who did this to you will come but he/she won’t and you will have to accept it ( even though your little heart refuses to comprehend this). Never get attached to someone because people are not permanent in your life — they keep fluctuating and never make someone your world because that world often tends to break. Those people will never bother if you are dying or breaking yourself; all they need is to be free from your love. One day these things will happen with them too — it’s a vicious circle and everyone has to go through this.

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