Petty Humans

Image Courtesy: Christopher Churchill/Gallery Stock

I stare at the empty streets

Gazing through the crowd

Into nothingness!

For darkness doesn’t scare me, but people do!

Out there, what you call “world”

There are people;

People, who give you chills down the spine

People, who sniff through your lives and people who don’t even look at you

I fix my eyes upon city lights, wondering if I could feel them too

Only if I could stand under them

May be just once, I would look at them, I promise I won’t run away

For I’m aware of consequences

I look at people,

People who drag humans

Into nothingness!

I fold my legs, burying my face between them

My heart throbs, while my chest goes heavy

They drag me too, into nothingness

I lay down, served for another night

I lay there numb, to be ripped apart once again

My soul cries, while they scratch my skin

Humans, petty humans!

While the lights go out,

I think; of humans

That tear me each night

Of humans that walk on streets

Of humans that stand under city lights

I wish; of running away

Of staying under the street lamps

Unaware of consequences

I run away, this time from myself

I run away from city lights 

For I know, I’m meant to be ripped

To be recognised as piece of meat

I’m meant to be dragged,

Into nothingness!

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