We have many contributors to this page. There is something unique which make our main authors stand apart. Lets meet them here! 

Howdy! People call me Prachi, but I am a chirpy bird with a resonating mind.
Carries hurricanes and cyclones of poetry and verses, for you to dream and read.
A fiction in the world of non-fictions.
Unleashing the theories of science with a hint of literature.

 What am I? Just another open book with blank pages.
Blank, yet scripted with thoughts; some you never read and some you never will.
Unraveling the treasures amidst wrecks of architecture and literature!


I’m Reneé, I’m 16 and I love writing down and expanding on the thoughts that go through my mind because I believe that all of us have beauty in our brains that we refuse to explore because we’re huddled up with mundane chores 🙂

I am Sujeet, yet you can call me an IITian in making. I love socializing with my buddies and having 3 am gossips about Hollywood and fitness. Looking forward venture into the field of creativity. 

I admire the beauty of words and how it can heel someone’s thought and I am glad that I have skills to make myself happy and also other through my writing. I cherish my talent. Welcome to Gayatri’s world.

I’m Anshika Srivastava. An engineer in making. I love roaming around, listening to heart felt music and sometimes write to get the feelings out of my head, hope you connect to it as well.

I am Niharika Roy. Currently a student pursuing mass communication from Amity University, I do photography and write poems. Presently I am interning with several organisations for my professional development. I have passion of clicking and writing artciles to inspire people. I am aiming to start my travel and inspirational blogging on WordPress.

Lover of everything old and worn out, I’m Mayurakshi Chaudhuri. I find solace in a cup of chai or in the yellow pages of a novel that smells like home. I tend to be the life of the party as well the buzzkill. I possess a weird affinity for stray dogs and cats.