Sometimes there's peace in your voice, And the other times in silence.Sometimes there's happiness in your arms,And the other times in your mind.Sometimes there's crack in your voice,And the other times in your heart.Sometimes there's tears in your eyes,And the other times in mine.Sometimes love is in your favour,And the other times not even in your… Continue reading Sometimes…


How I Met You!

The day when my eyes met yours --  I was taken aback by the significance of your words, your calming breathes and your never ending promises.Yes, I decided to give myself to you the day I instilled myself in you. I surrendered my fear of getting cheated again to you, and welcomed you in my… Continue reading How I Met You!


Cherished Dream

A knock on the door reflects into a smile on my face.I know he is at the door with flower in his hands and love in his eyes.My heart beats with each step I take towards the door . My jaw drops by mere sight of him holding the ring in his hand, kneeling down in… Continue reading Cherished Dream