Gifts From 2018: Best Memories From This Year

2018 was filled with many surprises for everyone. We learnt new things, experienced different vibes and nonetheless, witnessed ups and downs. Lets hear about some memories from our audience.


Is Loving Yourself Easy?

Seems so effortless. How easy it is to say but how difficult it is to prove that point when you are stuck proving yourself as someone you are not. It is completely fine to be envious of what others have but not so fine being someone else. But people saying how easy is it love… Continue reading Is Loving Yourself Easy?


Her Four Walled Cage

I roll over to the other side of bed, while he continues to snore-sleep peacefully. I stare at him, may be for the first time; wondering how manly does he look! "Manly? F**k off bitch! How can you even use this word for a demon like him?", my soul screams. This time, I don't rebel,… Continue reading Her Four Walled Cage