Musings On Beauty: What Is The Reality?

Read About Christmas: Diary From The Santa Criticisms and complaints against the cosmetic and beauty industries remain ever-audible. Accusations attack the creators and promoters due to unrealistic beauty standards and self-image issues associated with these very markets and worlds. Indeed, sometimes this adherence to what society deems beautiful is a result of extremely unhealthy lifestyles… Continue reading Musings On Beauty: What Is The Reality?

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Best YouTube Channels: Budding YouTubers

Read Diary Entry: A Teens Modern Day Diary Entry All of us take pleasure in watching YouTube videos, don’t we? We have subscribed to all the big names with millions of subscribers across all the niche in this industry. Undoubtedly they are the best YouTube channels on the web. Their content is never compromised, they… Continue reading Best YouTube Channels: Budding YouTubers


Artificial Intelligence: A Revolutionary Breakthrough?

Artificial Intelligence or AI is a term which we happen to listen quite frequently these days. The AI or Artificial Intelligence, as the name suggests is comprised of two words ‘Artificial’ i.e. something that isn’t natural and Intelligence which means an ability to make decisions and understand things in an appropriate manner. The person who… Continue reading Artificial Intelligence: A Revolutionary Breakthrough?


Inside The Mind Of A Master Procrastinator Tim Urban's Ted Talk: Inside The Mind Of A Master Procrastinator  Eat--> Sleep-->You Tube-->Repeat  No one can deny the fact that Humans are the most intelligent creatures on the planet. With uttermost pride & gratification we have been constantly updating our platter of revolutionary achievements: Be it the invention of the light bulb or… Continue reading Inside The Mind Of A Master Procrastinator


Funny Memes: The Bitter Sweet Meme-Ories

Memes and mental health have more in common than you’d think. The crux of online culture in today’s day and age are undoubtedly memes. Pictures, videos, and text that would have been unintelligible was it not for context we grant them; and perhaps even in the presence of these. Funny memes are the ultimate form… Continue reading Funny Memes: The Bitter Sweet Meme-Ories


Incidental Life: Letter to a father from the future

Letter to a father from the future explores the plight of Bombay during the major massacre of 26/11. Focused on emotions of the affected, the letter gives displays a unique charm to its audience. Nonetheless, it also hints towards the vibrant Indian Bengali culture prevailing in the country.