Musings On Beauty: What Is The Reality?

Read About Christmas: Diary From The Santa Criticisms and complaints against the cosmetic and beauty industries remain ever-audible. Accusations attack the creators and promoters due to unrealistic beauty standards and self-image issues associated with these very markets and worlds. Indeed, sometimes this adherence to what society deems beautiful is a result of extremely unhealthy lifestyles… Continue reading Musings On Beauty: What Is The Reality?


An Excerpt From The Diary Of Santa: Christmas Special

Read More Diaries: Diary Of A Woman From The 1920s My Dear Christmas Diary,  Ho Ho Ho! Merry Christmas! After an year long wait, the day is finally here.I'm sorry for being late, but you see there's too cold outside. The winter solstice has just hit the globe, and is turning our lives upside down. From… Continue reading An Excerpt From The Diary Of Santa: Christmas Special


Artificial Intelligence: A Revolutionary Breakthrough?

Artificial Intelligence or AI is a term which we happen to listen quite frequently these days. The AI or Artificial Intelligence, as the name suggests is comprised of two words ‘Artificial’ i.e. something that isn’t natural and Intelligence which means an ability to make decisions and understand things in an appropriate manner. The person who… Continue reading Artificial Intelligence: A Revolutionary Breakthrough?


Depression: A tale with no ends; Words of a teenager!

"That was hard stupid.", I almost cried."Have you ever heard of depression that isn't hard and rough? I ain't fucking you bitch that you ask me to go slow. I'm fucking killing you!", she exclaimed.And for another night, I was victimized by depression."You never leave me alone! Why do you love me so much?", I… Continue reading Depression: A tale with no ends; Words of a teenager!


The Curves Of Life

Did you ever try comparing the gleaming eyes of joy, of the one sleeping by the road side with the one having an eight-digit annual income?  If not, then just attempt trying it out whenever you are despondent in life, notice those souls for a couple of moments, trust me, you will be encountering one… Continue reading The Curves Of Life