Sometimes it’s all about that one person in your life. You constantly think about them, believe them, trust them, love them and do everything to keep that person happy. But in the end, the small world that you created around that person gets shattered. You realise that the person has already lost the love for… Continue reading Lesson


Musings On Beauty: What Is The Reality?

Read About Christmas: Diary From The Santa Criticisms and complaints against the cosmetic and beauty industries remain ever-audible. Accusations attack the creators and promoters due to unrealistic beauty standards and self-image issues associated with these very markets and worlds. Indeed, sometimes this adherence to what society deems beautiful is a result of extremely unhealthy lifestyles… Continue reading Musings On Beauty: What Is The Reality?



Sometimes there's peace in your voice, And the other times in silence.Sometimes there's happiness in your arms,And the other times in your mind.Sometimes there's crack in your voice,And the other times in your heart.Sometimes there's tears in your eyes,And the other times in mine.Sometimes love is in your favour,And the other times not even in your… Continue reading Sometimes…


Christmas For A Hostelier

It has been three years since I left home, three years of not belonging, three of sleepless nights and three years of missing India. I had left home with a dream so vivid that it filled up every void of my being, a dream that kept me awake at nights. The thing with dreams is… Continue reading Christmas For A Hostelier


Incidental Life: Letter to a father from the future

Letter to a father from the future explores the plight of Bombay during the major massacre of 26/11. Focused on emotions of the affected, the letter gives displays a unique charm to its audience. Nonetheless, it also hints towards the vibrant Indian Bengali culture prevailing in the country.


Is Loving Yourself Easy?

Seems so effortless. How easy it is to say but how difficult it is to prove that point when you are stuck proving yourself as someone you are not. It is completely fine to be envious of what others have but not so fine being someone else. But people saying how easy is it love… Continue reading Is Loving Yourself Easy?



It was yet another sleepless night. With thoughts full of him, I tried sleeping but my brain didn't allow me to. My pillow, tired by now, was again covered with the salty solution that my eyes were carelessly shedding. I wonder how things can change in one night. I could hear the clock ticking continuously… Continue reading Grandpa


Occupado: A tale of two souls

She tells him she loves him and every little thing he does.But in her mind there's a mirror, That reflects her haunting past. When he crinkles his nose Into an adoring smile, She can't help but notice, The resemblance he holds to her old lover. When he wraps her into his loving embrace, She takes a deep… Continue reading Occupado: A tale of two souls


Cherished Dream

A knock on the door reflects into a smile on my face.I know he is at the door with flower in his hands and love in his eyes.My heart beats with each step I take towards the door . My jaw drops by mere sight of him holding the ring in his hand, kneeling down in… Continue reading Cherished Dream


‘It Kills Me From Within’: A Teen’s Modern Day Diary Entry

14th February, Wednesday                                                                                                11:11 pm Dear Diary,   … Continue reading ‘It Kills Me From Within’: A Teen’s Modern Day Diary Entry


Gifting value to your life: Never render it futile

Life is but an empty dream - William Wadsworth  This is a veracious quote which is pertinent in today's era.  It subtly introduces a new perspective to life that will be discussed here. People overlook the main ideals of life by just following what others say in faith of achieving success. In contrary every phase… Continue reading Gifting value to your life: Never render it futile