Confessions Of A Teenager

I am not the one who talks a lot, rather, I'm the one that talks as little as possible, a person who won't disturb you if you are busy, who won't call you up in case you are with friends, and one would silently wish you to be happy. Was it wrong of me to… Continue reading Confessions Of A Teenager


Is Loving Yourself Easy?

Seems so effortless. How easy it is to say but how difficult it is to prove that point when you are stuck proving yourself as someone you are not. It is completely fine to be envious of what others have but not so fine being someone else. But people saying how easy is it love… Continue reading Is Loving Yourself Easy?


Depression: A tale with no ends; Words of a teenager!

"That was hard stupid.", I almost cried."Have you ever heard of depression that isn't hard and rough? I ain't fucking you bitch that you ask me to go slow. I'm fucking killing you!", she exclaimed.And for another night, I was victimized by depression."You never leave me alone! Why do you love me so much?", I… Continue reading Depression: A tale with no ends; Words of a teenager!