Petty Humans

Image Courtesy: Christopher Churchill/Gallery Stock I stare at the empty streets Gazing through the crowd Into nothingness! For darkness doesn't scare me, but people do! Out there, what you call "world" There are people; People, who give you chills down the spine People, who sniff through your lives and people who don't even look at… Continue reading Petty Humans



Sometimes it’s all about that one person in your life. You constantly think about them, believe them, trust them, love them and do everything to keep that person happy. But in the end, the small world that you created around that person gets shattered. You realise that the person has already lost the love for… Continue reading Lesson



Sometimes there's peace in your voice, And the other times in silence.Sometimes there's happiness in your arms,And the other times in your mind.Sometimes there's crack in your voice,And the other times in your heart.Sometimes there's tears in your eyes,And the other times in mine.Sometimes love is in your favour,And the other times not even in your… Continue reading Sometimes…


Artificial Intelligence: A Revolutionary Breakthrough?

Artificial Intelligence or AI is a term which we happen to listen quite frequently these days. The AI or Artificial Intelligence, as the name suggests is comprised of two words ‘Artificial’ i.e. something that isn’t natural and Intelligence which means an ability to make decisions and understand things in an appropriate manner. The person who… Continue reading Artificial Intelligence: A Revolutionary Breakthrough?


Inside The Mind Of A Master Procrastinator Tim Urban's Ted Talk: Inside The Mind Of A Master Procrastinator  Eat--> Sleep-->You Tube-->Repeat  No one can deny the fact that Humans are the most intelligent creatures on the planet. With uttermost pride & gratification we have been constantly updating our platter of revolutionary achievements: Be it the invention of the light bulb or… Continue reading Inside The Mind Of A Master Procrastinator


Funny Memes: The Bitter Sweet Meme-Ories

Memes and mental health have more in common than you’d think. The crux of online culture in today’s day and age are undoubtedly memes. Pictures, videos, and text that would have been unintelligible was it not for context we grant them; and perhaps even in the presence of these. Funny memes are the ultimate form… Continue reading Funny Memes: The Bitter Sweet Meme-Ories


Incidental Life: Letter to a father from the future

Letter to a father from the future explores the plight of Bombay during the major massacre of 26/11. Focused on emotions of the affected, the letter gives displays a unique charm to its audience. Nonetheless, it also hints towards the vibrant Indian Bengali culture prevailing in the country.


Is Loving Yourself Easy?

Seems so effortless. How easy it is to say but how difficult it is to prove that point when you are stuck proving yourself as someone you are not. It is completely fine to be envious of what others have but not so fine being someone else. But people saying how easy is it love… Continue reading Is Loving Yourself Easy?


Temple Prostitution: The Terrible Face Of Humanity!

As her trembling soul waited for the next man to enter her forlorn life through that dingy door, she raised a question to God: “Why am I used like a toy? My body is served to quench the thirst of sadistic men, no one looks beneath this body.” That girl of eight, ten years back… Continue reading Temple Prostitution: The Terrible Face Of Humanity!