Sometimes there's peace in your voice, And the other times in silence.Sometimes there's happiness in your arms,And the other times in your mind.Sometimes there's crack in your voice,And the other times in your heart.Sometimes there's tears in your eyes,And the other times in mine.Sometimes love is in your favour,And the other times not even in your… Continue reading Sometimes…



Walking past the quiescent streets, lost in thoughts I headed towards home. After a tiring day, nothing else soothes me like silence does. The streetlights blinked often, leaving the streets in desolation. With songs banging in my brain, I continued my journey. On the way I saw a lady, probably a beggar in late twenties.… Continue reading Abandoned


An Excerpt From The Diary Of Santa: Christmas Special

Read More Diaries: Diary Of A Woman From The 1920s My Dear Christmas Diary,  Ho Ho Ho! Merry Christmas! After an year long wait, the day is finally here.I'm sorry for being late, but you see there's too cold outside. The winter solstice has just hit the globe, and is turning our lives upside down. From… Continue reading An Excerpt From The Diary Of Santa: Christmas Special


Artificial Intelligence: A Revolutionary Breakthrough?

Artificial Intelligence or AI is a term which we happen to listen quite frequently these days. The AI or Artificial Intelligence, as the name suggests is comprised of two words ‘Artificial’ i.e. something that isn’t natural and Intelligence which means an ability to make decisions and understand things in an appropriate manner. The person who… Continue reading Artificial Intelligence: A Revolutionary Breakthrough?


Temple Prostitution: The Terrible Face Of Humanity!

As her trembling soul waited for the next man to enter her forlorn life through that dingy door, she raised a question to God: “Why am I used like a toy? My body is served to quench the thirst of sadistic men, no one looks beneath this body.” That girl of eight, ten years back… Continue reading Temple Prostitution: The Terrible Face Of Humanity!


Gifting value to your life: Never render it futile

Life is but an empty dream - William Wadsworth  This is a veracious quote which is pertinent in today's era.  It subtly introduces a new perspective to life that will be discussed here. People overlook the main ideals of life by just following what others say in faith of achieving success. In contrary every phase… Continue reading Gifting value to your life: Never render it futile